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Monitor And Manage Both Analytics And Networks.

World Leaders In Financial Analytics.

Compute CPU

AMD is no longer number two in the chain to INTEL but has taken the lead over INTEL in ARM, FPGA and x86 CPU’s with solutions software for low latency networks.

Compute CPU FPGA

Accelerate High-Bandwidth With Work-Loads Up To 1 Tera Bits.

A revolutionary Distributed Services Platform that can transform the way you build your IT infrastructure. Eliminates multiple classes of siloed appliances. Compute is migrating to where data is; however, current architectures are unable to adapt. This drives new deployment models and has created a tectonic technology shift, breaking existing architectures and creating The New Edge, an entirely new architecture for clouds. Pensando is now part of AMD.

Solarflare is a pioneer in the development of low-latency networking and application acceleration and is the World’s undisputed leader in low latency TCP is now part of Xilinx. Through Xilinx’s acquisition of Solarflare we now offer the XtremeScale™ series of Ethernet adapters with Onload® kernel bypass technology. When utilized together, cloud Data-Center’s can eliminate operating system overhead and power up to 4X higher performance for load balancing, database caching, container applications and web servers.

The World’s Leader In Commercial And Industrial FPGA’s Xilinx extreme signal processing with the lowest latency and is now part of AMD. Linked with Pensando.

Compute Servers

The New Big Brand Full Range Of Server Compute especially AMD.

Compute Software-Defined-Servers-Clusters-DataBases

The Future of Computing is Here. Self-Healing. Self-Optimizing. Lower-Cost. Software-Defined. The World’s undisputed leader in Software Defined Servers with large savings on licensing costs, a doubling of performance and structured fail over clusters so you are always up on line. Plus scalability to suit your environment.

Data Storage Assemblies-Parts-Solutions

The World’s undisputed best NVMe - SAS – SATA RAID Controller. The New Standard in Enterprise Data Protection Introducing GRAID SupremeRAID™, the world's first NVMeoF RAID card to unlock the full potential of your SSD performance and without sacrificing data security or business continuity.

Exascend’s industrial-grade self-encrypting drives (SED’s) enable full-disk encryption with TCG Opal 2.0 and AES-256 – fortifying your applications against data security threats. Is your data fully protected? Commercial and Military options are available.

Scale Out Disaggregated NVMe TCP IP Block-File-Object-Storage. Lightbits Labs wrote the code for NVMe.

Rugged High-Capacity Computational Storage Solutions with QLC SSD.

Networks & Solutions

Open Source Wired & Wireless Network Solutions To 1 Tera Bits.

The World Leaders In Zero-Trust Networks.

Platforms As A Service

Platform As A Service Networks-Security-Storage.

Timing Services & Solutions

Orolia, formerly Spectracom, is a global manufacturer of precision time and frequency instruments and network-centric equipment used in a wide range of industries. Timing Servers linked to White-Rabbit Time Distribution. Orolia is the world leader in Resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) solutions that improve the reliability, performance and safety of critical, remote and high-risk operations, even in GPS/GNSS denied environments. #1 Worldwide in Resilient Timing. #2 Worldwide in GPS/GNSS Simulation. 350 + Atomic Clocks orbiting earth. Timing (especially PPS and or PPT) linked to either GPS or GLONASS or both Grand-Masters has become critical for clients to enable trading to its fullest extent both locally and world-wide.

White-Rabbit is the World’s undisputed leader in low latency Time Distribution and is now part of Orolia. These solutions are able not only to distribute time but also provided RF dissemination with very low jitter, distribute programmable trigger signals or time-stamp any event at the same time other than any kind of Ethernet data traffic that is distributed over the network without impacting on the timing features. 365MD provides a complete range of White Rabbit timing solutions under PPS or PPS including Layer-1 plus the requisite Low Latency compute hardware and support services.